Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grapefruit compound may lower heart disease risks

Grapefruit compound may lower heart disease risks"A certain compound found in grapefruit and other citrus fruits may prove helpful in preventing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes through its effect on metabolic syndrome. The plant-based molecule, called naringenin, is thought to have positive effects on cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels in the body. A Heart and Stroke Foundation-funded study from Dr. Murray Huff looked at the effects of naringenin in animal diets and saw very promising results. They gave mice a diet high in fat (typical to the Western diet), but supplemented half the group with naringenin. The grapefruit compound corrected the elevations in triglyceride and cholesterol, prevented the development of insulin resistance and completely normalized glucose metabolism. The researchers found it worked by genetically reprogramming the liver to burn up excess fat, rather than store it"

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