Friday, January 15, 2010

Too much television points to an early death (Australia)

Too much television points to an early death (Australia)"Australian scientists have published new research that suggests that the more television people watch, the sooner they die. The Australian report says that every hour viewers spend watching television increases the risk of premature death. The study was undertaken by the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne. Researchers there studied more than 8,000 adults in Australia, for a six-year period. The results will almost certainly be disconcerting for those who regularly watch TV. The findings have revealed that those adults who watched television the most died younger. The team in Melbourne was led by Professor David Dunstan, who believes this elevated risk of an early death was independent of other risk factors, including high blood pressure or cholesterol levels as well as diet, exercise and smoking. Dunstan says the research shows that shows that too much sitting on the couch/sofa can be detrimental to our health. Health campaigners have welcomed the findings, which have been published this week in the journal Circulation"

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