Saturday, February 19, 2011

Many stick with fast food after heart attack (USA)

Many stick with fast food after heart attack (USA)"You might think that people who've had a heart attack might cut back on fast food, which usually has unhealthy amounts of fat and salt. And in fact, some heart attack patients who are frequent fast food eaters do cut back, researchers found in a new study. But 6 months later, more than half of them can still be found at their favorite fast food places at least once a week. The researchers who published these findings in the American Journal of Cardiology say the reduction in visits to fast food restaurants is not enough and patients need better dietary education. "We can do better," Dr. John Spertus, a professor at the University of Missouri Kansas City and one of the authors of the study, told Reuters Health. Spertus and his colleagues studied nearly 2,500 heart attack patients across the U.S. who filled out surveys while they were still in the hospital. Overall, 884 patients, or roughly one of every three, reported eating fast food frequently in the month before their heart attack. "Frequently" meant once a week or more. When the researchers checked back 6 months later, 503 were still eating fast food every week"

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