Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teen's heartfelt plea to save cardiac unit (UK)

Teen's heartfelt plea to save cardiac unit (UK)A teenager who underwent three open heart operations in five days is adding his voice to a campaign to save a threatened children's cardiac unit. Matthew Cornick, 17, of Chickerell, has been treated as a heart patient at Southampton General Hospital since he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis as an 18 month old. Budmouth College student Matthew had surgery at the hospital at the age of five to replace his blocked aortic valve with a plastic valve. Ten years later as a 15-year-old, he underwent surgery to have his aortic valve replaced. As a result of complications with the surgery, he stayed at the hospital for a month. Despite missing a term at school in his GCSE year, Matthew went on to ace his exams and is now looking at university options while studying for his AS levels. He said: "I have made a good recovery and am now back playing golf and enjoying planning what university to go to. "I am so grateful to everyone that has been involved in my care at Southampton heart unit"

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