Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Melville Communiplex Project Fitness Centre (Saskatchewan)

The Melville Communiplex Project Fitness Centre (Saskatchewan)The walking track and fitness facility will give people in Melville a venue for exercise no matter what the weather is like outside. Health and wellness activities are foundational elements for any community. The Sunrise Health Region, which includes Melville, has comparably high rates of smoking, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Sunrise also has a relatively aging population. For these reasons, the Communiplex is doubly important in Melville. Prevention is an important part of health care and this facility will take a huge step in that direction. The cardiac care centre will provide the people of Melville and area with preventative and recuperative health care. Smoke cessation programs, cardiac rehabilitation, obesity challenges, chronic disease management and Type Two Diabetes intervention are just a few of the resources that will be offered through the centre. Melville is the first community in Saskatchewan to adopt a Cardiac Care Family Fitness initiative. The Sunrise Health Region, St. Peter's Hospital and the Paul Schwann Centre for Rehabilitation will work cooperatively to deliver these services and contribute to a healthier and happier Melville

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