Tuesday, September 29, 2009

India set to be heart disease capital of the world by 2010

"Various issues related to heart diseases as well as the latest advancements in their treatment were discussed at the 10th CME (Continued Medical Education) organised at Hotel Shivalikview in Sector 17 on the occasion of World Heart Day on Sunday. 'Three-dimensional imaging is now helping in remote diagnostics and even in training doctors in invasive procedures on virtual heart models,' said Dr Navin C Nanda, former president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, and an authority on echocardiography. Dr Naresh Trehan, CEO of Medicity Gurgaon, PGI director Dr K K Talwar, Dr J P S Sawhney of Sir Gangaram Hospital, Dr Puneet Verma, executive director of Prime Heart Institute, Mohali, too, spoke on the occasion. Dr Trehan lamented the continued incidence of heart disease in the country and said with over a 100 million people affected by heart-related diseases, India is set to be the heart disease capital of the world by 2010"

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