Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleeping with your partner can be bad for your health - and your relationship, scientists have warned (UK)

Researchers found that sharing a bed often led to poor quality sleep because people were regularly disturbed by their loved ones during the night. They found that on average couples suffered up to 50 per cent more disturbances when sleeping with their partners than they did on their own. This often led to 'tension' in the relationship as well as health problems associated with lack of sleep, including heart disease and depression. Yet despite the detrimental effects of snoring, teeth grinding and tossing and turning, people tolerated it because culturally sleeping together is considered a sign of intimacy. To sleep separately is considered 'culturally wrong'. The scientists, speaking at a special seminar on sleep at the British Science Festival, said the answer was to speak to your partner before it led to poor health or divorce - Telegraph

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