Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why I love CARG - by Sylvia Power

This month will mark 25 years that Doug and I have been in this program. We began after I had a heart attack in December 1984 and we started walking in February 1985. The group had just moved over from Ellis Hall and Ken Cooper was in charge. The late Dr Firor was our cardiologist.
At that time women were in the minority, but we have proved that we can have a heart attack just as well as the men. We were a small group; perhaps 50 patients. Ken loved to introduce us to each other and encouraged us to support one another. Ken was a Londoner like me and had a great cheery sense of humor.
A year later CARG was formed and after Ken's retirement Rick took over. As you know we have grown in numbers and I must say that I don't think I could be as well as I am today had it not been for the care and concern of our great staff. I survived a quadruple bypass and other major surgery, and then Doug had a heart event as well so we are really committed to coming three times a week.
I can't say enough about the wonderful fellowship which means so much to us and being at the Field House with all our friends is a very important part of our lives. Thanks to all of you.

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