Sunday, September 19, 2010

ICU/CCU renovations at Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon

From Saskatoon Health Region: "Three new intensive care unit (ICU) beds are now open at Royal University Hospital, along with a new ICU entrance. These renovations were initially meant to increase capacity within the current ICU at RUH. However, it resulted in moving and renovating the coronary care unit (CCU) in order to have physical space within ICU to expand. CCU completed its renovation in May. Over the course of the summer, the new ICU rooms have been created in the unoccupied space in the former CCU. The project is now entering Phase 5, which will result in the creation of a new medication preparation room, clean/dirty service areas, itinerate work spaces and a central paper storage area. As construction continues, ICU capacity will be at 13 beds. Once the project is completed, we will have 15 ICU beds in the main core area and have two renovated satellite beds. This will give us the ability to surge up to 17 beds. This is expected to be done this winter"

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