Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boomers fight aging with exercise

Boomers fight aging with exercise"Fitness goals and objectives change drastically as you move into your mid-40s to 60s. The shift moves from exercise for physical appearance to good health. Boomers want quality of life. They want to look and feel good, and are fighting the effects of aging every step of the way. Boomers will not give in to the aging process easily; however, natural physiological changes will guide their activity choices. For people who have been active throughout their life, moving into this stage of life can be frustrating as joint injuries, strains and pains and other health issues begin to appear. These changes in physiology affect the volume, intensity and type of exercises that can be performed. It is common to see endurance runners become endurance cyclists as joint problems make it more appealing to ride than run. A health crisis may be the motivation that gets boomers active who may not have previously been involved in fitness activity. Careful exercise design is critical for anyone who has been inactive for a period of time and is coming back after a health issue. As boomers strive to stay young, more and more research is pointing to exercise as the fountain of youth. When it comes to exercise choice and preference, this generation tends to look for health benefits: a combination of cardiovascular activities, resistance training and stretching is highly recommended. - Calgary Herald

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