Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How much exercise is enough? (UK)

"A British physiotherapist says, after not smoking and proper nutrition, exercise is the best protection against disease. Leslie Alford of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, reviewed 40 international studies on exercise and health. Included in his study, published in International Journal of Clinical Practice, is Alford's answer to the question, "How much exercise is enough?" He recommends healthy adults ages18-65 aim for 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week - for example, 30 minutes of brisk walking five days a week. Those undertaking more vigorous exercise - such as jogging - should aim for 20 minutes - three days a week. "It is with certainty that all health care professionals can recommend some form of physical activity to their patients," Alford says in a statement. Alford recommends healthy adults also include two weekly strength-training sessions that work the body's major muscle groups. In short, Alford advises people who are physically active to continue to exercise even when they become middle-aged or elderly. He says those who aren't exercising should consult their physician about increasing their physical activity. Older people especially benefit from exercise that helps maintain balance and flexibility, Alford says"

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