Friday, December 31, 2010

Cardiac calls spike with snowfall (Canada)

Cardiac calls spike with snowfall (Canada)"Ambulance New Brunswick says it's seeing its traditional winter spike in calls related to emergencies triggered by shovelling snow. The number of cardiac arrest and chest pain calls goes up by about 20 per cent after a snowstorm, said Jean-Marc Dugas, manager of safety programs for Ambulance New Brunswick. He had a few helpful tips for shovellers. "Take your time, take a smaller shovel so you don't lift as much as a bigger shovel would," said Dugas, adding that individuals should stretch just as they would before any sporting activity. "And the important thing is, if you're shovelling and if you start to have symptoms of a heart attack - that would be having chest pain, shortness of breath, you feel dizzy, you don't feel good, something doesn't feel right - then stop and by all means, call 911," said Dugas. And, suggested Dugas, sometimes it's better to just wait for the plow

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