Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Heart: New Start (Canada)

", developed by Eli Lilly Canada in partnership with the World Heart Federation, is a new online resource designed specifically to guide Canadian heart attack and heart procedure patients through the recovery process, providing information and interactive tools for patients, their families and loved ones. The Your Heart: New Start website addresses the physical and emotional challenges facing heart attack or heart procedure patients and their caregivers, at various stages of their recovery. As the basis for the website, the Your Heart: New Start international survey found that Canadian patients lag behind their European counterparts when it comes to managing their heart health after a cardiac procedure, and were nearly three times as likely to stop following their doctor-recommended diet and exercise recommendations because they were "feeling better" (20 per cent). Also, more than one in five patients in Canada frequently missed taking their antiplatelet medication to prevent blood clots - the highest proportion among countries surveyed"

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