Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heart failure 'affects memory'

Having heart failure, where part of the organ dies, can affect a person's brain to such an extent that they forget to take their medication, according to a study. Researchers found individuals with heart failure had worse short and long-term memory recall than those who were healthy. MRI scans also showed loss of grey matter in parts of the brain important for memory, reasoning and planning, according to Professor Osvaldo Almeida of the University of Western Australia. Writing in the European Heart Journal, he and colleagues warned that "patients with heart failure may have trouble following complex management strategies, and, therefore, treatment messages should be simple and clear". Natasha Stewart, of the British Heart Foundation, said: "The biggest implication of this research is that patients may find it difficult to stick to treatment regimes and forget to take their medication. "It is important to speak to your GP and your heart failure nurse about what is best for you. "Together you can find a way to make your meds a part of your daily routine so that they are less easily forgotten."

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