Monday, October 19, 2009

Work out at work (Canada)

Work out at work (Canada)"Did you know that more than 15 million Canadians spend half of their waking hours at work and a full 51% participate in no physical activities in their leisure time? According the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, 63% of Canadians are not active enough to achieve health benefits, which leaves them at risk for heart and other diseases, disability and premature death. Now that many of us sit for long periods of time either commuting to and from work or while at work, it's time to get up and use the time you spend at work to get moving. The benefits to being physically active at work are not only good for you, but also your co-workers. According to Health Canada employers that have instituted or supported workplace activity programs have noticed improved morale, a sense of well-being, higher energy levels and improved team building among their employees. Talk to your supervisor about these benefits. Health Canada recommends adults be active 30 to 60 minutes a day, most days of the week. No need to do it all at once. Just try to be active in small increments throughout your day - Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

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