Monday, August 20, 2012

CARG patient responsibilities at the Saskatoon Field House

Health Issues:

- Inform the staff if you have been ill and are returning to the program so that they can update your medical chart
- Always exercise at your own pace; don't compete with others or make up for lost time
- For your safety, attend only at designated times as this is part of our agreement with the Saskatoon Field House
- If you have been prescribed Nitroglycerine carry it with you at all times
- Tell the staff immediately if you feel: dizzy or light-headed; nauseated; chest discomfort; any other type of discomfort; tired after a workout; more short of breath; sweat more than usual, notice any unusual heart beats; generally unwell
- Inform the staff if you leave the track during your workout
- Tell the staff if you have any pre-existing muscle or bone problems i.e. arthritis, back problems
- Let the staff know if you are going away for any period of time
- If you feel ill, do not exercise as this will do little good and is potentially dangerous
- Avoid drinking alcohol before attending the program
- Avoid wearing perfume or other scented products, as some participants have allergies to these substances

Track Safety:

- Wear comfortable clothes
- Be sure to step off the track if you stop to talk to someone, or check your pulse
- Follow the lane directions
- Be sure to check both ways before going onto and coming off the track
- Abusive or threatening behavior will not be tolerated
- If you have a problem: address all questions, concerns, and problems related to the program to Elaine Tyerman (655-1859) or the C.A.R.G. Group executive members. DO NOT go to the Field House staff, maintenance, or front desk staff

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