Sunday, August 19, 2012

The 2012 CARG Volunteer BBQ

A contribution from Cathy Matlock: The CARG BBQ was held on June 22, 2012 on the most beautiful afternoon and early evening. Vic Zapf picked another awesome day. There are quite a few people who made this day run smoothly and we thank them.

To Darlene Urban, Dolores Perras and Cathy Matlock who went grocery shopping. We try very hard to get it just right.

To Carol-Lynne Zapf who made the coffee and brought a salad, and to Darlene Urban who also brought salads. They were delicious!

To Dolores Perras, Carole-Lynne Zapf, Darlene Urban and Mary Green who served up the food so efficiently. Good job ladies.

To Eva Shabits for the delicious rhubarb punch and rhubarb relish...yum.

To Arlene Block and Sharon Schmnidt who cut up and served the "CARG Volunteer Cakes". Well Done.

To Lloyd and Bonnie Wudrick who organized the "Bean Bag Baseball" game. The winning team has bragging rights until the next game. Thank you so much.

To Lloyd Wudrick and Vic Zapf for cooking up the burgers so efficiently - a job well done.

To Gordon Urban who must have made many K's running with the food and to Paul Matlock who also made many trips on the golf cart delivering what was needed.

What a nice surprise when we heard music wafting through the campground, courtesy of Fay Buettner - what a nice touch. Thank you Fay.

To Vi Remenda, who each morning at the Field House, made sure the reply box was put out. Thank you to the staff member who put it away each day.

To Rolly, Vic, Gordon, Paul, Dolores, Carol-Lynne, Darlene who set up tables, and then put them away afterwards...thank you.

And we won't ever forget the ladies who always insist on doing the dishes - Dolores, Carol-Lynne, Darlene, and Marty - thank you too.

To Pat Auperle and Ritva Steuwe who cleaned off the tables - thank you

Vic Zapf and Cathy Matlock thank you for attending this event. Please spread the news that if you volunteer within the next twelve months you will be invited to attend the next CARG Volunteer BBQ.

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