Friday, February 15, 2013

Million Hearts app targets disease risk factors

Million Hearts app targets disease risk factorsSelf-assessment for heart disease risk is now readily available in a user-friendly format with a mobile app launched by the Million Hearts initiative. Developed by the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Heart Health Mobile is available through the foundation and iTunes, and will be available in HTML5 responsive design for non-Apple devices in March. The app steers users through a series of questions about weight, height, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and smoking. Users will be directed to participating pharmacies and retail clinics for cholesterol and blood pressure screenings. At this time Heart Health Mobile screenings are available through CVS Caremark Minute Clinics, and some Walgreen's, H-E-B and Thrifty White stores. By using the app, individuals can learn about the risk factors for heart disease, calculate their risk and share their status with their doctors. The app also allows users to track their progress toward goals such as weight loss, lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels

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