Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thank you....CARG Social Committee

Thank you....CARG Social CommitteeRuth Redden writes: "Thank you to the people in the picture, who have faithfully provided social functions to our organization for many years and have earned their retirement from this division of CARG. Many of these people have been involved in some way or another with almost every social function that CARG has put on over the years it has been in operation. As a result of the retirement of this committee effective December 31, 2012, we are now in need of a new Social Convenor or Co-Convenors. The duties include co-ordinating any social events such as special occasion breakfasts, luncheons, Christmas Party, or any other social events that may be happening. Please see any CARG Executive member or Blake Adamson (Liaison for the Social Committee) for more information"

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