Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anyone of any age can have a heart attack (Ireland)

Virginia Teehan, University College Cork archivist, talks to the Irish Times about her heart attack, medication, blood pressure, subsequent care, return to work, and says - "My experience has also taught me that both the medical profession and the public need more education on cardiac issues. Cardiovascular disease remains the single leading cause of death in the world. Cardiologists acknowledge that they know more about men's hearts than women's hearts. It's important for everyone to realise that women often have smaller hearts and the way they experience a heart attack can be completely different (for example, they may not get a pain radiating down their arm or may not register severe pain as quickly as men). People should also be aware that cardiac events can be caused by a number of conditions and not all heart attacks are the results of blocked arteries or veins. We need to be reminded that anyone of any age can have a heart attack for a variety of reasons and that if you have severe symptoms, the most important thing is to get to a hospital fast. Getting to a hospital within an hour of my first symptoms is what saved my life"

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