Friday, March 5, 2010

'Heart risk' at football stadiums (Europe)

'Heart risk' at football stadiums (Europe)"Too many football grounds in Europe do not have the right equipment and plans to save the lives of fans who have heart attacks, a study has found. The poll of 187 stadiums found over a quarter did not have defibrillators and many did not have emergency plans. The Sweden-led study, carried out by a group of club doctors, stressed more had to be done as it was not always easy to get ill fans to hospital. Researchers said there should be mandatory rules covering the issue. At the moment, it is simply considered good practice to have defibrillators at sports grounds. But in recent years many governments - including the authorities in the UK - have been doing more to increase the availability of the life-saving equipment in public spaces. Defibrillators work by delivering a controlled electric shock through the chest wall to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat" - BBC

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