Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cardiac disease on the rise in young Bruneians

Cardiac disease on the rise in young Bruneians Cardiac-related diseases have haunted Bruneians in their twenties and thirties due to a changing lifestyle that makes them prone to developing heart problems, a top cardiologist said yesterday. "(In the past) people above the 40-45 age bracket were vulnerable to cardiac-related diseases. Nowadays, people below 30 are also suffering from cardiac problems, and such cases are on the rise," said Singapore Association president Dr Patrick Ang, who is also a consultant cardiologist and director of the Invasive Cardiac Laboratory at Gleneagles JPMC Sendirian Berhad. Dr Ang conducted a health talk at the Singapore High Commission yesterday. Organised by the Singapore Association of Brunei Darussalam, the public health talk was held to address the increasing number of heart attack cases in Brunei. The talk was titled "Heart Attack! The Number One Killer in Brunei. How can we Prevent It?"

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