Monday, April 26, 2010

Cholesterol machine pulls out LDL (USA)

Cholesterol machine pulls out LDL (USA)"Every two weeks, Kay Dillie is drained of all her blood, one pint at a time. She gets it back, of course, but with less cholesterol. During a recent appointment at Regional Medical Center, Dillie reclined in a chair as tubing pulled her blood from her arm into a machine called the Liposorber. The machine, new to the center, removed her blood, strained out the bad cholesterol known as LDL and returned the blood to her body. Near the bottom of the Liposorber, the liquid LDL from Dillie’s blood began to pool in a bag. When first removed, it looks like melted butter, but will turn to a Silly Putty consistency if exposed to the air." - Rapid City Journal

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