Monday, April 12, 2010

World Heart Games 2010 (USA)

World Heart Games 2010 (USA)"Cardiac rehabilitation patients will get a wide variety of challenging, but safe activities to compete in for the 2010 World Heart Games. These provide a monitored and competitive way for the participants to be active in a way that they and their medical team are comfortable with. Some events that participants can expect to compete in are: table tennis, bocce, golf putting, bowling, prediction events, basketball, game of knowledge, volleyball, tennis, softball throw, soccer shoot a 9-hole golf tournament and much more. We encourage you to learn more about the game rules. As clinicians in cardiac rehabilitation, we have all witnessed the evolution of the sedentary, sometimes isolated life in our patients with cardiac disease or risk-related symptoms, to one of hope, activity and purpose. Cardiac rehabilitation programs prepare patients to reenter life" - May 14-15, 2010 - Georgia, USA

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