Friday, April 2, 2010

Gift saves life in Deddington after 20 minutes (UK)

Gift saves life in Deddington after 20 minutes (UK)A piece of life-saving equipment, designed to save heart attack victims, proved its worth after being pressed into service just minutes after being handed over. The defibrillator was handed over by Deddington Farmers' Market's committee (Oxfordshire) to volunteer first-aider Colin Stephens on Saturday. Within 20 minutes, South Central Ambulance Service, was alerted to a 76-year-old woman having a heart attack in the village. Mr Stephens, a community responder, and Matt Winser and Dave England - community responder training officer and liaison officer for the ambulance service - were nearest to the woman's home and arrived first on the scene. An ambulance arrived soon after and the woman was taken to the Horton Hospital in Banbury. Mr England said: "We were there literally within seconds and were able to successfully resuscitate the patient. Thanks to the generosity of Deddington Farmers' Market, the village now has its own defibrillator. But no-one imagined that it would be put to use so soon to save a life in the village."

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