Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fife cardiac patients in good heart! (Scotland)

Fife cardiac patients in good heart! (Scotland)Cardiac patients in Fife have attended an activity day at Lochore Meadows. Some 50 people who have suffered a cardiac incident turned out to take part in a range of activities including archery, kayaking, cycling, walking and kata-kanuing - paddling in canoes designed for teams. The event was organised to celebrate 11 years of community-based Fife Cardiac Rehabilitation Services - delivered by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust in partnership with NHS Fife. The annual get-together celebrates the achievement and progress of people who attend cardiac rehabilitation classes in leisure centres across the Kingdom. The service, which has been delivered by the trust since 2000, provides long-term maintenance involving gym or circuit classes led by qualified British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation instructors. Around 12,000 people every year have taken part in Fife Sports and Leisure Trust's cardiac rehab classes held in 11 of its centres across Fife. Patients are referred to the service following a cardiac incident and progress through three phases of rehabilitation before joining phase four - the community-based service offered by the trust

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