Friday, October 21, 2011

Hospital Visitation Program at Royal University Hospital (Saskatoon)

Ruth Redden (Volunteer Visitor Program Co-ordinator) writes: Many CARG members have participated in the Hospital Visitation Program at RUH. This program began in 1986 and has been very effective in assisting patients as they adapt to a new lifestyle after experiencing a "heart event". It is also an opportunity to talk with patients and family members about the cardiac education and exercise programs.

A journal article from the Archives of Internal Medicine,(Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation Referral Strategies on Utilization Rates, Arch Intern Med/Vol 171 (no 3), Feb. 14, 2011), looked at ways to increase cardiac rehab participation. Along with other points, they identified the benefits of visitation at the bedside and the positive effects of peers.

We know that people, after a heart event, benefit from attendance at a Cardiac Rehab Program. We also know it is best if people hear about programs from many sources. A person who has experienced a heart event and who has embraced our rehab program, is an important connection.

Our program is always interested in recruiting new volunteers to participate in the hospital visitation program currently operating at RUH.

What is involved in becoming a Hospital Volunteer Visitor?
* Interview with Ruth or one of the nurses
* Complete application form for RUH Volunteer Services
* Interview with Volunteer Services, police check and attend hospital orientation
* Buddy with an experienced volunteer and visit on the ward together

If you are interested in this area of volunteer work, please contact:
Ruth Redden (Volunteer Visitor Program Co-ordinator) at 652-6990


Ethylene Eichorn has been the program co-ordinator for the Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program since 1994.
She has efficiently co-ordinated the volunteer visitation schedules and has gone above and beyond what was required to ensure this program was successful.
Ethyelene retired from this role in August of 2011 but continues to volunteer her time at RUH.
A Special THANK YOU for a job well done.

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