Thursday, October 13, 2011

Royal University Hospital Every Heart Matters Campaign (Saskatoon)

Royal University Hospital Every Heart Matters Campaign (Saskatoon)John Cross, Volunteer Chair Every Heart Matters Campaign writes "Chances are, you know someone with a heart rhythm disorder. It might be your grandmother or your grandson. A young athlete or a busy mom. A neighbour or a trusted friend. In fact, one in four of us will experience an abnormal heartbeat at some point in our lives. For many, an irregular heartbeat can diminish enjoyment of life. For others, it will prove fatal. In the 1950s, when Royal University Hospital opened its doors, Dr. Louis Horlick and, a few years later, his colleague Dr. José Lopez, were champions of modern, holistic cardiac care. Today, they continue that vision by joining the Royal University Hospital Foundation as Honorary Co-Chairs of the Every Heart Matters Campaign. Our goal is to advance the excellent cardiac care program at Royal University Hospital by raising $5.5 million for a laboratory and program dedicated to the treatment, research and education of heart rhythm disorders. This advanced sub-specialty is called Cardiac Electrophysiology or EP. As you will read on the following pages, a comprehensive cardiac care program - with the addition of the EP Laboratory - will make a vital difference to our patients, their families and their medical team at RUH. But we need your help. Please join me by supporting the Every Heart Matters Campaign"

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