Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopper saves butcher's life after town-centre collapse

A butcher who "died" when his heart stopped in a Northamptonshire, UK, town centre was brought back to life by a passing shopper.
Father-to-be Gavin Bradbury, 25, was resuscitated by midwife Laura Groom after he collapsed in Corby town centre. Mr Bradbury, who works as a butcher, collapsed moments after leaving the shop. Mrs Groom caught him as he fell and saw him turn blue. She quickly realised his heart had stopped and that he had no pulse. She began giving him mouth-to-mouth life support, helped by another passer-by who carried out chest compressions. Thanks to their efforts, he was resuscitated by the time the rapid response paramedic car arrived. Mr Bradbury, of Coleridge Way, Corby, had another attack when he arrived at Kettering General Hospital and had to be revived again by medical staff. - Northampton Chronicle and Echo

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