Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soaps 'miss out health messages'

"Soap characters with unhealthy lifestyles should be shown reaping the consequences, say doctors. Private healthcare firm Bupa has released its "top ten" unhealthiest characters, arguing they could be used to hammer home health messages. It said heavy smoker Dot Cotton, from Eastenders, should appear breathless, with heavy drinkers in soaps having broken veins. A BBC spokesman said it always tried to depict illnesses accurately" - BBC.

Dot Cotton, Eastenders: Smoker
Shadrach Dingle, Emmerdale: Alcohol dependent
Tyrone Dobbs, Coronation Street: Unhealthy diet
Heather Trott, Eastenders: Unhealthy diet
Louise Summers, Hollyoaks: Alcohol dependent
Shirley Carter, Eastenders: Drinks too much alcohol
Charlie Slater, Eastenders: Unhealthy diet
Lloyd Mullaney, Coronation Street: Unhealthy diet
Fiz Brown, Coronation Street: Unhealthy diet
Leo Valentine, Hollyoaks: Drinks too much alcohol

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