Friday, December 19, 2008

Devizes baby's heart murmer went undiagnosed (UK)

"Mum Kelly Hibberd was shocked to discover that her two-year-old son Reece has a potentially fatal heart condition after GPs at her former surgery said there was nothing seriously wrong with him. Mrs Hibberd, 23, had been back and forth to St James' Surgery in Devizes, UK, as she was concerned something was wrong with Reece. She moved to Easterton a year ago and in March took Reece to Market Lavington Surgery where a GP said he had a heart murmur. Tests at Southampton General Hospital in October showed that Reece has severe aortic stenosis which means that his aortic valve is very narrow and is restricting the blood flow. As a result he needs open heart surgery and is due to undergo this procedure on December 29" - This Is Wiltshire

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